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April Top Picks: Santa Fe

Apr 16 · Top Picks

Check out Acorn’s top picks in Santa Fe this month! We’ve got you covered, whatever you fancy. Choose from boxing to summer camps, museums to outdoor adventures and more…

The Harrell House Bug Meseum
What: All ages. The Harrell House Bug Museum is a unique, family-friendly experience located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It includes the astounding Crawlywood Collection, Oliver Greer's collection of 2.400 mounted insects from around the world which boasts some of the largest and rarest insect and arachnid specimens. They also have a collection of over 150 live animals including insects, spiders, scorpions, millipedes and more, as well as reptiles, amphibians and fish!
Where: Harrell House Bug Museum, 552 North Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe
Cost (starts from): $4-7


What: 6-18yrs. Often referred to as the sweet science, Western Boxing is the highly developed art of fisticuffs, where the combatants utilize their fists, aided by head-movement, footwork and conditioning in contest.
Where: Ank Santa Fe Muay Thai, 1208 Parkway Dr, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Cost (starts from): $68.00


Kaleidoscope Summer Camp
What: 6-12yrs. Kaleidoscope Camp with Talking Hands Talking Feet is creative fun, new friends and a journey of discovery. Songs and music, creative dance, storytelling, theater games and lots of humor combined with organized and free play on a magical landscape.
Where: Talking Hands Talking Feet.
Cost (starts from): $220.00


Mountain Kids
What: 3-16yrs. Mountain Kids is an outdoor education and adventure program, created in 2009 out of a mother’s desire to connect her children and their peers with nature and a community of outdoor enthusiasts. Hands-on adventures in nature through exploration, imaginative play, games, stories, songs, art, hiking, natural history, backpacking, mountain biking and good-old-fashioned fun.
Where: Mountain Kids, 1087 Mansion Ridge Road, Santa Fe
Cost (starts from): Free


Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
What: All ages. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, opened to the public in July 1997, eleven years after the death of our namesake artist. A visit to the O’Keeffe Museum offers insight not only into the artist’s paintings, but also her creative process and the light and landscape that inspired her.
Where: Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, 217 Johnson St, Santa Fe
Cost (starts from): Free


Skate School Santa Fe
What: 3-18yrs. Skate School Santa Fe was started in 2001. Since then they've put on over 50 sanctioned races, contests, and other events. The school always starts students off with the safety equipment, skills, and drills that they need to progress without getting hurt. They teach all-around skateboarding skills and the importance of learning the fundamentals of traditional skateboarding.
Where: Skate School Santa Fe, 825 Early Street Suite H, Santa Fe
Cost (starts from): Free


Santa Fe Children's Museum
What: All ages. The Santa Fe Children’s Museum builds upon a child’s sense of joy and discovery by cultivating habits of inquiry in the arts, sciences, and humanities. The museum provides an informal environment that fosters connections among children and families and encourages active participation in the learning process through interactive exhibits and programs.
Where: Santa Fe Children's Museum, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe
Cost (starts from): Free


International Folk Art Market
What: All ages. The mission of the International Folk Art Alliance is to celebrate and preserve living folk art traditions and create economic opportunities for and with folk artists worldwide. The International Folk Art Alliance envisions a world that values the dignity and humanity of the handmade, honours timeless cultural traditions, and supports the work of folk artists serving as entrepreneurs and catalysts for positive social change.
Where: International Folk Art Market, 620 Cerrillos, Santa Fe
Cost (starts from): Free


Dragonfly Art Studio
What: 5-16yrs. Dragonfly Art Studio is a place where kids and adults develop their creative talent in a fun and stimulating environment. The classes are designed to allow you to explore a range of different materials and techniques and discover how to be creative and learn new skills. Students will learn everything from basic art concepts, explore hidden talents, learn focus, bring out their creative side that will bring balance to their life and learn positive self critiques.
Where: Dragonfly Art Studio, 1513 3rd
Cost (starts from): Free


Girls Inc, of Santa Fe
What: 5-12yrs. For 62 years, Girls Inc. of Santa Fe has inspired girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold. They provide girls throughout Santa Fe with life-changing experiences and real solutions to the unique issues girls face. Girls Inc. gives girls the tools and support they need to succeed, including trained professionals who mentor and guide them in a safe, girls-only environment; peers who share their drive and aspirations; and research-based programming.
Where: Girls Inc. of Santa Fe
Cost (starts from): Free


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