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Escape Rooms at Escape Entertainment, NYC

Aug 1 · Did You Know?

Through the Acorn app we’re able to support businesses that make our communities thrive. Everyday we learn more about our activities and how they enrich the wellbeing of children and families. Today, we visit Escape Entertainment, NYC and hear all about escape rooms.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself and Escape Entertainment.

  • Speciality: Family fun and bonding through immersive games and escape rooms
  • When the business was started: 2015
  • Where you are based: Midtown Manhattan


2. What motivated you to start putting on immersive escape experiences for kids?

As the father of a young daughter, I have been increasingly concerned about the breakdown of quality interaction among children and their families brought about by technology (e.g. mobile devices, social media, etc.). With a keen appreciation for the importance of direct interaction and shared experiences, we created a business that allows children and their families to have fun together and re-connect in powerful ways by playing a game of trying to accomplish a mission together.

3. Tell us about a favourite moment during one of your sessions.

We often see families arrive in advance of their game experience and wait in our reception area while each member stares at their phone. During our games all phones are put away and it is tremendously rewarding to see families excitedly work together to develop strategies, solve problems and accomplish goals. The greatest reward is seeing them emerge from their game rooms with big smiles on their faces with their arms around each other celebrating the quality time they shared together.


4. What skills and benefits are there to learn from this activity? Is it good for education?

We work extensively with schools to reinforce good social skills, collaborative problem solving abilities and leadership capabilities as well as what it means to be a good teammate.

5. Do you have any new projects or exciting things we should know about?

We have portable games that can be used anywhere for a group to experience all the enjoyment and benefits of our games at the convenience of their own location.


6. How can we learn more about escape rooms?

Discover Escape Entertainment and thousands of other classes, workshops and fun days out on Acorn today via this link. Available for both iOS & Android.

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