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Yoga for Kids at Shorty Kid Yoga, California

Jun 5 · Did You Know?

Through the Acorn app we’re able to support businesses that make our communities thrive. Everyday we learn more about our activity providers and their inspiring efforts to enrich the wellbeing of children and families. Today, we're featuring Donna Delshad, Founder of Shorty Kid Yoga.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself and your business

Name: Donna Delshad. Founder, Shorty Yoga.
Speciality: Shorty is Los Angeles’ first and only all-kids, all-yoga studio! We offer yoga for babies (parent-and-me), toddlers and kids.
When the business was started: Late January 2018
Where you are based: Beverly Hills, California


2. What motivates you to teach yoga to kids? Are there specific benefits?

So many things, but the most obvious is how busy and connected we all are to technology these days - especially kids! It’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to disconnect and unwind, but yoga gives them the time and space to do exactly that. From such a young age, kids can be under so much pressure to achieve too, but yoga is non-competitive and let’s them just have fun.

And yes, there are a ton of health benefits! Yoga helps kids improve balance, body movement, self-control, mindfulness and provides stress relief. Recent studies also show that yoga aids in the improvement of symptoms of ADHD. It’s pretty incredible.

3. Tell us about a favorite moment in your Shorty career?

We take a very modern and engaging approach to yoga with a lively soundtrack and imaginative games, which makes it super fun! I think we’re at a point in time where many people still think of yoga in it’s traditional/classical form, including some of our new students.

In one of our earliest classes, we had a group of 10 and 11 year old kids try yoga for the first time. They had a great time and at the end of class they all told us together, “we thought yoga was going to be boring!” Warms my heart that we were able to prove that to be false (and still get in all the well being stuff). This is where lifelong practices and love of yoga begin!


4. Do you have any new projects or exciting things we should know about?

Yes! We’re gearing up to offer some tween/teen workshops. Being a teen can be challenging and awkward (not speaking from personal experience or anything). Teens often feel too old for “kiddie" stuff, but not quite comfortable in adult classes yet either. We’re excited to develop programming that gives them the appropriate space and type of class they want and quite honestly need!

5. Your venue is cool, do you do anything else there?

Thanks! We have serious respect for good design, cool kids and awesome parents, so making sure the space was fun but also conducive to mom or dad chilling out in our lounge was very important in building out Shorty. Beyond our Mamastay (parent-and-me) and Kid Yoga classes, we offer semi-private and private classes in the studio.

Shorty is also really invested in engaging with the community, partnering with local schools, businesses and nonprofits to create special yoga events both in the studio and off-site. And of course we throw some pretty rad birthday and private parties. Hit us up! ;)


6. How can we learn more?

Find us on Instagram
Like us on Facebook
Sign up to email updates here
Tel: 424-646-3330

Or just drop by the studio during regular business hours!

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